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Marc Hepburn

Marc Hepburn has served as a Director/Project Manager/Senior Airport Planner on several airfield and terminal projects at large and small, domestic and international airports. He is an aviation consultant with experience in airport management and consulting that spans public and private sectors. Marc has extensive knowledge of FAA regulations, FAR Part 77, TERPS surfaces, and other airport/airspace. He is a skilled communicator with rare perspective to identify root problems and propose simple and effective solutions. Marc's unique blend of experience includes:


  • Federal Aviation Administration – COMM, AMEL, ASEL, IFR Pilot
  • Airport Management and Facility Planning
  • Automated People Mover and Baggage Transit Planning
  • Computer Simulation Modeling & CADD Capabilities
  • Global Planning Experience
  • Project Manager/Director - Aviation
  • Jacobsen/Daniels Associates, LLC
  • Aviation Director for one of the leading airport planning and land-use master planning firms in the country.
  • Marketing/Project Management - Offering planning and implementation consulting services to a variety of government and private sector clients throughout the United State
  • AECOM - Project Manager


Marc has worked in Afghanistan as the Airport Planning Lead to conduct baseline airfield obstruction surveys to identify all airfield obstructions located in the vicinity of the airfield (Runway, Taxiway, Aprons) that violate the USCENTAF Instruction UFC 3-260-01, Airfield Planning and Design and its associated reference documents for 11 airfields.  He lead survey team, coordinate survey plan with base POCs, coordinated meetings w/ military officials, airfield management and civil engineering units. Marc also provided analysis support for each airfield to include the creation of Class B Army Runway Airspace Imaginary Surfaces, submission of Weekly Activity Reports, and determining the location of the Building Restriction Line (BRL).


Finally, Marc has served as a Project Manager on several airfields and terminal projects.

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