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Douglas R. Black

Douglas R. Black is the founder and owner of Kodin International LLC, Kata Loukan LLC and the Chief Executive Officer of Hulet Lions, LLC.  Mr. Black specializes in delivering management consulting and organizational strategy development to drive change management and improvements in communications, strategic execution, leadership development, corporate governance, risk management, and procedural compliance, all to deliver the highest possible ROI.


Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Mr. Black is currently attending Stanford University in the International Aviation Transportation Association (IATA) field of study.  He is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt from Purdue University and has obtained his Master of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Colombia Southern University and his Bachelor of Science degree in International Relations from The American Military University with a minor in Peace Keeping Operations.  After diligently serving his country for 20 years in the United States Army in Aviation Operations and primarily in the Special Operations community, Mr. Black served as a contractor supporting the United States Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Department of State’s Air Wing in Afghanistan, before establishing Kodin International.  Mr. Black currently holds a TOP SECRET SCI Department of State Clearance and currently serves in diplomatic service with his wife Alasha as the Community Liaison Coordinator for the American Embassy in Tirana, Albania.


Capt. Abiy Makonnen Berehe

MakSim founder, Capt. Abiy Makonnen Berehe is a top-performing and accomplished leader.  He is also a multi-skilled pilot with over 25 years of operational excellence and experience in driving sales and in business development.  A well rounded Senior Project Manager, Capt. Abiy has an exceptional track record with companies like Toyota and General Motors, to name a few.  Capt. Abiy is an accomplished FAA-rated Airline Transport Pilot, Crew Resource Management Instructor, and B737 Jet Transition Instructor.  He holds a degree from Mountain View College in Aviation Technology and Management.  Capt. Abiy has served as Flight and Ground Instructor in several flight schools. He has also flown for Executive Flight as a Line Pilot and Instructor. Capt. Abiy’s love for aviation began at a young age as he watched his father and older brother fly. His passion to elevate and enhance the aviation industry in Africa drove him to establish MakSim.  He believes that with diligence, education, a change of perspective and an all-stakeholders buy-in, Africa could raise its safety standard to be on par with that of the international community.  In furtherance of his commitment to the improvement of Africa’s aviation industry, Capt. Abiy has assembled a number of joint venture partners to confront the challenges.  In addition to his service as MakSim’s President, Capt. Abiy, serves as Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Hulet Lions, LLC and as Vice President of Kodin International LLC.  Finally, CPT. Abiy is a Senior Executive Management member and Co-owner of WAGA Enterprises USA, LLC. Capt. Abiy is married to Kunjena Andualem, and together they have three children, Caleb, Enneye, and Natan. They reside in Plano, Texas.


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