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Capt. Luis Vireilha

Capt. Luis Vireilha is a “Magna cum Laude” graduate of a Master of Aeronautical Science program from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, 1983. He took specific training in aviation accident investigation and prevention practices, techniques, and procedures and since 1990 he has specialized in the field of accident prevention.

He started his flying career in 1971 with the Portuguese Air force and has over 21,700 flight hours of which over 17,300 are in command. His experience of international jet flight operations started in 1976 as a Flight Engineer with TransBrasil Airlines on the Boeing 727. In 1979 he joined Lloyd Aereo Boliviano as a B-727 First Officer, operating from the highest runways in the world.


From 1980 through 1983, he owed and operated as Chief Flight Instructor, Airline Pilot Training Center in Miami, Florida. This Center trained ab-initio pilots to Commercial level with instrument multi-engine ratings, and flight instructors. He also holds commercial ratings in seaplanes, helicopters, and gliders.


Capt Luis  joined Continental Airlines/United Airlines in 1983, having flown as a Captain since 1986 on the following aircraft: B777, B747, DC10, B767, B757, B727, B737 & DC9-80.

Operational areas: North Pole, N & S Pacific, Asia, Middle & Far East, N & S America, Caribbean, Europe & Eurasia. Capt Luis retired from United and now continues his safety work as an aviation consultant.


Capt Luis' additional experience includes:


  • Responsible for the translation and adaptation into Portuguese language of USA FAR’s part 400 (22 volumes) for INAVIC, Instituto Nacional de Aviação Civil de Angola – 2008 (Civil Aviation Authority of Angola).
  • DC9/MD80 simulator and route consultant for Aeropostal of Venezuela. Responsible for rewriting and updating several sections of the Emergency Procedures Manual for the DC9/MD80 of Aeropostal – 1990/1991.
  • Wrote and maintained a “Simulator review and preparation guide” for the B747, B757, B737 and DC10 – 1991/2003.

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